Pod-Muck Leftovers

As you brace for the busy “return to school” and “fall sports” season we understand reaching for convenience and speed in your household chores, but before you grab that bag of pods we want to share our service experience.  We have removed small pieces of plastic from drain pumps and drain holes in the front door bellow (rubber boot that seals against the door).   When the pod does not dissolve fully, residue or pieces (Muck) can become lodged in the drain system.  We recommend 1 tablespoon of powder HE detergent in place of pods.   It is cheaper per ounce and might prevent drain problems.  

SERVICE TIP: If you suspect you may have pod residue in your washer pour 1 cup of vinegar directly in the washer tub and run a load on your hottest setting.  Repeat several times.

Photo Below: a used washer pod stuck in the washing machine’s front bellow


We service: Orange City, Sioux Center, Alton, Maurice, Newkirk, Hospers, Struble, Granville, Carmel, Ireton, Craig, Lebanon, Rock Valley, Perkins, Hull, Boyden, Sheldon, Hudson, Hawarden, Germantown, Paullina, Marcus, Remsen, Oyens, Le Mars, Brunsville, Ruble, Cleghorn, Merrill, Paullina, Archer, Matlock, Ritter, Sanborn, Primghar, & Doon.

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