Critter Proof?

Grilling is a year round enjoyment, but a few winter maintenance steps can prevent problems from critters and corrosion!  Critters love to hide out in unused grills – the lid and cabinet provide perfect protection from the elements and leftover bits of meat and grease make a nice supply of food.  Corrosion can develop from moisture trapped in grease and food residue.  What can you do?

Brush off the cooking grates, flavorizer bars, and burners with a stainless steel brush.  Scrape off the inside of the lid with a putty knife.  Push all residue down into the drip pan.  Shut off and disconnect propane tank (rodents could chew through regulator and create a gas leak).  Empty or dispose of the drip pan.  Dream of spring as we brave the Iowa winter!  🙂

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We service: Orange City, Sioux Center, Alton, Maurice, Newkirk, Hospers, Struble, Granville, Carmel, Ireton, Craig, Lebanon, Rock Valley, Perkins, Hull, Boyden, Sheldon, Hudson, Hawarden, Germantown, Paullina, Marcus, Remsen, Oyens, Le Mars, Brunsville, Ruble, Cleghorn, Merrill, Paullina, Archer, Matlock, Ritter, Sanborn, Primghar, & Doon.

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