Pod-Muck Leftovers

As you brace for the busy “return to school” and “fall sports” season we understand reaching for convenience and speed in your household chores, but before you grab that bag of pods we want to share our service experience.  We have removed small pieces of plastic from drain pumps and drain holes in the front […]

Fabric Softener Goodness

Fabric softener clings to clothing, releasing a pleasant odor when worn.  The problem? It also clings to the inside of your washer and builds up in your pump. Service Tip: Can’t resist that good smell of softener? We recommend running a “clean washer cycle” once a month with vinegar or bleach.   Photo Below: fabric softener […]

Duct Woes

Think your dryer needs replacement? Before you spend a dime, check your duct! Lint buildup prevents moisture from leaving the dryer, keeping the clothes wet longer and increasing drying time.  The increase in drying time can cause the dryer to overheat.  The heating element in your dryer is designed to burn out like a fuse […]

Less is More

In the world of clothes washing “less is more.”  Overloading your washer causes extra strain on the motor, transmission, and bearings.  It also shortens the life of your clothes.  More rubbing together = more lint.  Extend the life of your washer and your clothes by running smaller loads! Service Tip: We recommend taking that King sized […]

Rubber Mayhem

Each year during fall and spring cleanup we typically get at least one call “my washer will not drain – HELP!” when we dismantle the washer we find small pieces of rubber in the drain pump and drain system. These small rubber pieces prevent the water from exiting the washer and may cause damage to […]

Freezing Times

Do not try this at home! Did you know extremely cold temperatures can cause pipes to freeze inside your home? When we have temperatures below freezing on consecutive days we often get repair calls for washers. Complaints include: error codes, not draining, not filling, humming and stopping mid-cycle. When we run a test cycle and […]

Summer Scrubbin

Summer means family fun! It also means wet pool towels, dirty athletic clothes, and piles of vacation laundry! Front load washer bellows (rubber seal between the inner basket and door) need a little extra TLC! Increased humidity causes remaining soap and dirt to “stick” to this area and not dry out as quickly – this […]

Vacation Slip ‘N Slide

Any appliance with a live water hookup has the possibility of springing a leak at any moment.  Appliances can malfunction, water connection lines can break and household plumbing can fail.. all chances water could leak into unwanted areas.   Keep your Slip ‘N Slide fun outside – prevent large water leaks by shutting off your household […]

Critter Proof?

Critter Proof?

Grilling is a year round enjoyment, but a few winter maintenance steps can prevent problems from critters and corrosion!  Critters love to hide out in unused grills – the lid and cabinet provide perfect protection from the elements and leftover bits of meat and grease make a nice supply of food.  Corrosion can develop from […]

Hearing Noises?

Hearing Noises?

Let the experts from Frigidaire explain many of the noises new refrigerators make. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eD7imT3w4bw Your refrigerator might look a little different than this one, but don’t worry, the tips may still apply so feel free to give them a try. Hearing noises? Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. Your new high-efficiency refrigerator makes a variety of […]