Rubber Mayhem

Each year during fall and spring cleanup we typically get at least one call “my washer will not drain – HELP!” when we dismantle the washer we find small pieces of rubber in the drain pump and drain system. These small rubber pieces prevent the water from exiting the washer and may cause damage to the pump itself. It can take multiple service trips to completely remove all the rubber pieces from the full wash and drain system. What are these little rubber pieces causing mayhem?!? They are pieces of rug backing that has come loose during a wash cycle. Rugs can appear to be in good condition, but the rubber can disintegrate at any time. We recommend NEVER placing a rubber backed rug into your washer – unless of course, you like a little mayhem in your life! 🙂

Service Tip: we recommend laying your rugs on a flat outdoor surface and spraying them off with a power washer or high pressure garden hose.

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