Hearing Noises?

Let the experts from Frigidaire explain many of the noises new refrigerators make.

Your refrigerator might look a little different than this one, but don’t worry, the tips may still apply so feel free to give them a try.

Hearing noises? Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. Your new high-efficiency refrigerator makes a variety of sounds you might not be familiar with. Here’s how to identify them:

* Boiling / Gurgling: That’s refrigerant flowing through the evaporator.

* Hissing / Sizzling: Water dripping on the defrost heater during a defrost cycle. After defrosting, you might hear a popping sound as well.

* Clunking: The happy sound of ice cubes falling into the ice bin. 🙂

* Thumping / Water Running: Also the icemaker. The fan, water valve activation, and refrigerant gas.

* Snapping / Clicking: The electronic control and automatic defrost control, when the cooling system turns on and off.

* Vibrating/Humming: That’s the high-efficiency compressor at work. It operates much faster than older models.

* Buzzing: Just the water valve opening to fill the ice-maker.

* Water Dripping: Water dripping into the drain pan during the defrost cycle.

* Humming: The motorized damper humming along nicely.

* Snapping / Clicking / Popping: That’s the mechanism that opens and closes the ice chute.

* Rushing / Blowing / Whistling Air: Forced air from the evaporator fan, condenser fan, or condenser.

That should do it! All the sounds of your refrigerator working smoothly.

You’ve got this!


Still have a noise you cant identify?

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